If you’ve ended up here….

25 08 2011

…then we’ve got good news: our lovely new website is even better than this one – our blog is incorporated into one site. Clever huh?

Head over there instead. You’ll find lots of exciting news and lovely pictures.


BPN’s blog is on the move

14 04 2011

Blogging here on WordPress was never expected to be:
1. so much fun,
2. such a success,
3. so easy,
4. forever.

You might have been wondering why things have been a bit quiet on the blog for the last couple of weeks. Well, we’ve been a bit busy behind the scenes because we’re on the move, but we’re not going far: we’ve got a brand spanking shiny new website which incorporates a blog. You could say we’ve given ourselves a promotion.

The content from this WordPress site will be pulled over to the new site (much of it is already there), and the new site will make life a lot easier for our regular readers to keep up with news and changes at the practice, as well as seeing what we blog.

Our new website has been created by those rather clever people at Supercool Design – we’ve had a fantastic time working with them to build a site that celebrates our creative and collaborative approach to architecture. We’ve heard that architects can be a bit fussy (nonsense of course), but James, Katie and the rest of the Supercool team have made it seem easy. We can’t recommend them highly enough.

So, this will probably be the last you see of us here. WordPress has been a great starting point for us but it’s time for a change.

We’ll see you over at the new place http://bryantpriestnewman.com

TTFN. It’s been emotional.

Chip off the old bloc

18 03 2011

The new bloc Hotel round on Caroline Street is nearly complete. Not far off our original perspective, I’m sure you’ll agree:

Hey Neighbour!

28 02 2011

We still have space available to rent in our building. If you’re thinking of a change, or perhaps you’re a start-up looking for premises, we have 3 rooms of varying size (12sqm, 22sqm & 27sqm). The smallest unit would suit someone looking for a small studio for 1 or 2 people, the larger spaces could easily accommodate more. If you’re interested, drop Richard Newman a line for more info.

Going for Gold

24 02 2011

A sneak preview of the window and brick detail over at the Bloc Hotel under construction on Caroline Street in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter

Ever Wondered…

4 02 2011

…how the man who drives the snowplough gets to work?

…what the Localism Bill really means?

…what the new Library of Birmingham will look like on the inside?

…who is behind the biography of Nikolaus Pevsner due to be published this year?

…how to dunk yourself in a basket?

Happy Christmas

23 12 2010

Once again we’re making a donation to charity instead of sending cards and gifts, but we need your help…

Send us your anagrams of ‘Happy Christmas’.

We’ve made a start (below), but we think you can do better and we want you to make us laugh.  Make us laugh the most and you’ll get to decide which charity receives our donation this year.

Get your thinking caps on and email your anagrams to mail@bryantpriestnewman.com

Have a very happy Christmas and best wishes for a prosperous New Year!

From all of us at Bryant Priest Newman Architects

A Postcard from Sutton Coldfield

3 12 2010

We’ve been drawing up plans for a site in Sutton Coldfield over the last few months. These postcards, featuring artwork which was the result of extensive site research by artists David Patten and Stuart Mugridge were used to invite local residents along to the community consultation event held at the town hall.

This week in…. 2003

23 08 2010

Ok, so this is just an excuse to raid the archives and reminisce about a time long before the doom and gloom of a country struggling to fight its way out of a recession.

On the 26th August 2003 we closed the office for the afternoon and headed out to Baggeridge Country Park for an afternoon of beers, burgers and bonding.

It was a memorable day particularly for the winning rounders team. Despite their victory, they finished the day somewhat deflated thanks to their 6 year-old captain’s take on a post-match summary: “you were good, but next time, try even harder”. *sigh*….happy days.

Debating Collaboration in Architecture

6 01 2010

Dean Shaw and I have agreed to take part in a debate taking place tomorrow at RIBA West Midlands. The debate will form the basis of the next issue of AREA magazine, the regional newsletter for RIBA members in the region.

The theme of the debate is collaboration. We will be discussing how collaboration can help to achieve better design and add value.

In their words:
We want to look at the working practices of the modern architect, who typically works alongside a multi-disciplinary group of professionals, community leaders/groups and artists as well as a diverse range of public agencies to achieve design excellence

Specifically, I’ve been asked to go along because of my interest in Web2.0 and digital communication, and in particular I’m hoping to contribute by sharing ideas (which is truly in the spirit of Web2.0 of course!) about alternative media, online collaboration, and how this can shape a project, improve a design and ultimately create better buildings and places.

I would welcome any thoughts or comments prior to tomorrow’s debate. Do you think that a collaborative improves a project? Do online collaborative tools actually work? What value can social / digital media add to a project? Is this where the future of collaboration in construction lies?

Rest assured I will be sure to remind everyone that my contribution has been enhanced because of the wealth of knowledge and experience available to me through channels such as blogs, twitter and social networks!

Many thanks in anticipation.

Lorna Parsons
Practice Manager

_ _ _

UPDATE: 18.01.10

Here is a small sample of some of what was discussed at the debate. The juiciest bits and some fairly conclusive answers will be published in the next edition of Area magazine and the full transcript will eventually be available to download from the RIBA website.

Leadership: Does collaboration threaten the traditional role of team leader? Do collaborative design teams require a leader and who should that be? Could that leadership be rotated?

Artists and Architects: Why do architects like working with artists? Is it because artists appeal to architect’s creative juices? Are artists more flexible? Is it because art is unconstrained and often temporary?

Social Media / Web2.0: How can web-based tools help us to work more effectively? Do they threaten a deduction in productivity? Do they need to be managed, and by whom?

Community Consultation: Can we expect involvement of end-users to create better places? A sense of ownership is essential for a successful project, but does this need to be managed, and if so, by whom?


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